Lume Cube Snoot

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  • Add a Snoot to Your Lume Cube Light
  • Shrinks Lighted-Area Diameter
  • Connects to Light Quickly via Magnets
  • Control Light Shape and Direction
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This snoot grants the ability to shape the light being emitted from your Lume Cube. Magnetically attach the Snoot to the Light House or Modi Frame to control the direction, radius, and shape of your light. Create a cylindrical shaped light with zero spill to capture content in a whole new way!

The Snoot was designed for content creators who need to control the direction and shape of their light. Great for portrait photographers, macro photographers, product photographers, toy photographers, and more. Simply move the snoot closer to your subject to shrink the circle of light and pull the snoot away from your subject to increase the radius of the light. Can be used on or off camera and works great as a hair or accent light.

*This product is made for the Lume Cube (NOT the Lume Cube AIR)*

*Modification Frame or Light House required for use*

*Lume Cube NOT included*

Additional information

Weight 0.96 oz
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.7 × 1.7 in
SNOOT Specifications

Compatibility: Lume Cube (Lime Cube AIR Not Supported) Modification Frame or Light House Cage Required Diameter: 0.8" / 2 cm (Light Exit Hole) Material of Construction: Plastic Weight: 1.8 oz / 50 g


Lume Cube

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