Lume Cube – Strobe Anti-Collision Light 1 Pack

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  • World’s first consumer friendly anti-collision drone light
  • Compatible with every drone on the market
  • 3+ Mile View
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This strobe is the World’s first consumer friendly anti-collision drone light!

Lume Cube’s Anti-Collision Strobe was designed to be as lightweight and powerful as possible to satisfy all FAA guidelines for anti-collision lighting to keep your drone buzzing well past the sunset and into the dark. The Strobe is visible from 3+ miles away, lasts 6 hours, can flash white, red, or green, is visible from all around, and has multiple light modes including a strobe speed of 1Hz (60 strobes per minute). Being the weight it is, there is little to no impact on your drone’s flight time or performance.

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Size: 1.5" Long Weight: 10 grams 500 Lumens Can flash Red, Green, or White Light Settings: Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe, Constant Light Battery: Internal Non-Replaceable Battery Charge: Micro USB Recharge Time: 45-60min Weatherproof Run Time: 6 Hours Run Time on Fast Strobe Mounting: 3M Dual Lock Technology Control: Single button control to cycle through Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe, and Constant Light Modes Compatible Devices: Every drone on the market 1 Year Warranty


Lume Cube

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