Mini 3 Pro Two-Way Charging Hub



  • For Mini 3 Pro Flight Batteries
  • Intelligent Charging & Discharging
  • Charge up to 3 Batteries in Sequence
  • Cables & Power Adapter Not Included
  • 1 x USB Type-A for Device Charging
  • Use Batteries as a Power Bank
  • Switchable Prioritized Charging
  • Multifunction Status LEDs
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Recharge multiple flight batteries and your mobile devices with the Two-Way Charging Hub for Mini 3 Pro Batteries from DJI. This hub gives you the ability to insert and intelligently recharge up to three flight batteries at once, supporting the Intelligent Flight Battery and Intelligent Flight Battery Plus. A built-in USB Type-A port also lets you recharge a mobile device, such as a remote, smartphone, or tablet. Please note that the hub does not include cables or a charger, and a USB PD-compatible charger is required.

Intelligent Battery Charging


The charging hub has slots for up to three flight batteries and will intelligently recharge the battery that has the most power first. That way, you can have a full battery for your Mini 3 Pro ready to go ASAP.

Battery or Power Bank


When the hub has flight batteries inserted and is not plugged into the wall, you can utilize the batteries to recharge your mobile device like a series of power banks. When using the hub like this, it intelligently discharges the battery with the least power first. That way, you’re not sacrificing a fuller battery that can best be used in your Mini 3 Pro.

Prioritized Charging


When you have a mobile device connected to the charging hub, and the hub is plugged into the wall, it will only charge the batteries or device. You can change what product type the hub prioritizes with the press of the function button. If the phone goes first, the batteries will start recharging when the phone is full or has been on the charger continuously for four hours.

Status LEDs


LEDs built into the side of the two-way charging hub will inform you of the battery levels during charging or discharging, the charging speed, and the charging status of each of the three flight batteries.


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