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    Are you already running an agricultural business? Perhaps you are a seed & fertilizer company, an aerial applicator, an agricultural equipment dealer, or just a new business that is focused on the agricultural sector. If so, we invite you to consider a partnership with us, for all of your DJI Agricultural product resales. The market for agricultural drones is growing exponentially. Did you know? Currently, just 3% of fields are serviced by drones, in the USA. In other countries that adopted the technology earlier, up to 80% is currently serviced by drones, and this number is growing annually. The most common application is for standard row-crops, such as corn and soybeans, with just a single drone capable of servicing more than 50-acres per hour with increased precision & safety over conventional methods. These spray platforms are used for liquid application of herbicides, fungicide, pesticide as well as organic applicants. With an available spreader attachment, they can be used to spread cover crop, granular fertilizer, organic fertilizers and more. In addition to spray drones, we sell other technological ag. equipment such as Multispectral Imaging drones. From conventional agriculture to sustainable regenerative agriculture, we have efficient and cost-effective solutions for both. To get started, please fill out the form below, and one of our account managers will reach out to you shortly with additional information for partnership consideration.

    Madison Area Drone Service is an authorized DJI Agricultural products distributor in the USA. Local to South-Central Wisconsin and ideally centered in the Midwest, we serve as a local hub for all DJI Agricultural products dealers in the Midwest, as well as across the continental United States. We work directly with DJI for the import of all DJI Agricultural products. DJI does not deal directly to Dealers, but rather Dealers rely on local Distributors for all of their DJI products. The products you source from us, are typically stocked right here in our Wisconsin warehouse. You do not need an import license or have any need to deal with international shipments.We ensure that our Sub-Dealers have the best product rates, and widest product availability to fuel their growing DJI Agricultural products business.

    We have many levels of partnership, for companies of any size. Existing companies with an existing brick & mortar location & sufficient investment capital will guarantee themselves the most potential for rapid growth and success. However, we do have commission-based partnerships for companies with less capital investment opportunity. Whether you are an established company, or a startup, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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