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    By check boxing "I Agree" below and submitting this repair form, you understand that you have read thoroughly and agree to our "Terms Of Service" (linked below), including the "Repair Terms of Service (40)-(49) AND Risk, Release & Indemnity Agreement (50)". Additionally, upon receiving your drone you authorize a repair charge of no less than the $59 diagnostic fee OR minimum repair service fee (Repairs approved for manufacturer warranty, are exempt from this charge). Additionally, you authorize Madison Area Drone Service (MADS) to begin diagnostic work on your equipment, which may include external or internal inspection, and/or a physical operational test of your equipment. You also understand that upon completion of the approved repair and upon submission of the dated invoice via email, that you must pay for the repair invoice within 60 calendar days of the invoice date. Items left unpaid beyond the 60-days invoice date will be considered abandoned and will be forfeited to MADS for the purpose of recouping costs related to the repair service and the unpaid invoices, and the related items will not be returned, regardless of invoice value. Please ensure that your contact information is correction prior to submitting this form. After the form has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation of this ticket submission. If you need to cancel or alter any information, you must contact us promptly. Please check your email spam/junk folder if you do not see this confirmation within 5-minutes of submitting this repair form. All MADS repairs carry a 60-Day parts/labor warranty, which covers specifically our workmanship and our parts installed during the repair. Warranty within 60-Days DOES NOT cover incidents external to our own workmanship and materials, included but not limited to: Improper operation, Improper calibration, Improper battery maintenance or care, crashes, or any other improper use of the equipment, whether intentional, accidental or environmentally induced.

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