Regular Scheduled Maintenance:

    Keep your equipment running safe and reliable! We've made it easier to request and schedule a Regular Service Interval (RSI) for your drone equipment. We support individuals, small business and large corporate fleets. One-time services available, or bi-annual & annual checks are also available. Each RSI includes the following: Comprehensive mechanical and functional inspection, full system calibrations (IMU, Gimbal, Collision Avoidance System, Remote Controller), firmware check/update, functional test flight and a printed & digital service report for your records. Battery Calibration procedures optional, but highly recommended.

    -RSI's are $129/each model.
    -Battery calibration, if requested, is $34/each battery.
    -Return shipping is completely free (within continental USA, International shipping extra).

    Modern drone batteries use an intelligent microprocessor, typically made by Texas Instruments. This "chip" tracks the batteries voltage, capacity, individual cell voltages, temperature and more. This chip sends data back to the drone that you see on your screen, such as battery % or flight time remaining. This chip calculates the capacity based upon the voltage during use, and saves this as the calibration data. As the battery ages, this voltage-to-capacity relationship changes, and becomes less reliable. Our battery calibration machine runs the battery through a computer controlled load cycle, and upon cycle completion reprograms the calibration data so your battery reports estimated capacity and estimated flight time remaining, properly. This improves overall flight safety and battery reliability.

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