Dronetag Beacon




  • In-Stock & Ready to Ship!
  • All Data Snug and Secured
  • Multiple geolocation standards
  • Instant Direct Remote ID upgrade
  • Internal Bluetooth & GNSS antennas
  • Unparalleled up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Worry-free flight from take-off to landing
  • Precise sensors onboard
  • MAVlink & DJI A3 support
  • Optional Monthly Subscription to unlock all features.
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Bluetooth Antenna - High Performance (MMCX) (+$29.00)
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The DroneTag Beacons are now in-stock and ready for immediate shipment from our Fitchburg, WI warehouse!

Slap-on device so your drone can legally fly

Effortless way to let your drone fly safe & compliant in EU and US regions. Direct / Broadcast Remote Identification device compatible with any drone.

Direct / Broadcast Remote Identification

New regulations are forcing professional pilots in EU & US regions to make their drones digitally visible. We created Beacon, the add-on that makes drones instantly compliant with the latest DRI standards. Upgrade your existing drone, without the need to purchase new aircraft.

Slap the Dronetag Beacon on and instantly enhance your drone with DRI capability. The tiny device transmits the drone location via Bluetooth to up to a 3 km (1.86 miles) range.


16 Grams Packed with Technology

A comparison of Dronetag Beacon with euro coin

  • Dronetag Beacon is the bare minimum to fly your drone safe & compliant.

With the size of 2 chocolate bar squares (16 g / 0.56 oz) Beacon swing opens the door to the digital experience for drones of all sizes.


Everywhere, Everytime, Ever

A render of Dronetag Beacon

Fit the Beacon to nanoweight drone or large UAV. Unparalleled up to 16 hours of battery life gives you enough time to accomplish the wildest missions. Reclosable dual lock fastener so strong that you can lift an average drone by it. Worldwide supported Bluetooth technology and the finest geolocation standards.


Dronetag App

Dronetag App allows you to manage your devices, check the airspace zones, plan your flights, inspect airborne drones & flight plans and notify you about any airspace hazards.


Note: This product can be used for free, but a monthly subscription is recommended to unlock all features on the Dronetag Mini. For more information and pricing, click here


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