Mavic 2 Pro- Cinema Series- VIVID Collection

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  • Redesigned magnetic filter case.
  • Adventure Assurance™
  • Precisely engineered.
  • Polarization indicator.
  • Cinema Series Glass.
  • Vivid Collection.
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PolarPro DJI Mavic 2 Pro Vivid Collection filters will help you reduce camera shutter speed for smooth cinematic videos and also cut down glare to produce stunningly saturated colors. Included are ND4/PL, ND8/PL, and ND16/PL filters to reduce shutter speed and cut glare in bright and reflective conditions. These neutral density/polarizing filters are made with one single piece of optical glass and thread on in place of your stock Mavic 2 Pro UV filter, ensuring easy installation and proper gimbal balance. Vivid filter frames are built with PolarPro AirFrame technology for fluid compatibility with the Mavic 2 Pro gimbal system and feature polarization reference indicators built into the frames for quick and easy polarization adjustment. Cinema Series filters feature production grade multi-coated glass for those who demand the best optics, and are confidently backed by PolarPro’s Aircraft Warranty to work flawlessly with your Mavic 2.


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