Hover 2 – The 4K Drone that Flies Itself

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  • 4K/12MP image quality
  • 2-axis gimbal and digital stabilization (EIS)
  • Up to 23 min flight time
  • Up to 5 km control range
  • One-handed control
  • Portable, foldable design
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Hover 2 introduces an entirely new drone experience giving you gorgeous shots of your life from every angle with unprecedented ease. Innovations like Optical Radar and cutting-edge A.I. enable industry-leading obstacle avoidance and tracking features. Imagine your shot and let Hover 2 do the rest.

From the makers of the award winning Hover Camera Passport, Hover is excited to unveil the next generation of autonomous drones, the Hover 2, reinvented with groundbreaking A.I. technology.

Hover 2 is available in the sleek, classic black version, that is both lightweight and sturdy. Its design is based on the award-winning design of Hover Camera Passport, recipient of the Red Dot and iF design awards. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between safety, portability, and style.


Designed inside-out to ensure a smooth and safe flying experience. 360-degree obstacle avoidance

  • Combined with SLAM 3D mapping, VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry), and path planning features, the drone can navigate new environments with 360º obstacle avoidance and bypass obstacles while tracking a target in real time. These cutting-edge algorithms are powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon processor.
Enclosed propellers ensure safe and worry-free flight as you release & grab Hover 2.
Intelligent Capture – Effortlessly capture cinematic footage right out of the box
AutoFrame – Compose the ideal shot with the tap of a button.
  • Waist-up

  • Full-body

  • Backdrop

  • Birds-eye

Omni-Follow – Robust tracking precision and stability in multiple directions.

Hover 2’s computer vision system is able to accurately lock onto the target even after significant changes in appearance and shape of the target. By modeling the environment and monitoring the surrounding figures, our algorithm can accurately assess the cause of the obstruction and intelligently adjust its tracking strategy.
Trackshots – Pre-programmed flight paths borrowed from classic filming techniques let you easily capture epic videos of you and your friends.
  • Orbit

  • Surge

  • Ricochet

  • Reveal

Flexible Control – Choose the perfect piloting style for you.
BlastOff Remote – Capture breathtaking aerial footage with up to 5km of control range.
Palm Pilot
Easy-access controls
App Control
Control your Hover 2, pick from intelligent flight features, edit and share your pictures and videos all from the Hover 2 app.
Key Specs
  • AircraftWeight: 490 g Hovering Time: Up to 23 MIN
  • Gimbal2-axis gimbal and EIS (Digital Stabilization)
  • Camera1/2.3″ CMOS; Effective Pixels: 12 MP
  • Obstacle Avoidance360-degree obstacle avoidance
  • BlastOff RemoteMax Control Distance:5000 m
  • Palm PilotMax Control Distance:120 m

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