AlfaRC Fighter 260mm Carbon Fiber FPV X Frame kit



  • 6 Inch
  • 260mm Carbon Fiber
  • High quality 3K full carbon fiber mounting board
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AlfaRC Fighter 260mm 6 Inch Carbon Fiber FPV Freestyle Stretch X Frame kit for RC Drone.

Quick disassembly design
4-5MM independent arm, fast demolition, unique design virtual bit less
We also designed a fixed four arm of the aluminum alloy, so that the arm is not easy to shift.
exquisite design, X structure, suitable for racing with Freestyle fancy flight
High quality 3K full carbon fiber board, high precision CNC aluminum alloy parts, simple structure and strong
The arm is at the narrowest point of 14mm, the wind resistance is smaller, but more commuted arm, easy to maintain
The position of the motor compartment is widened and the collision is not easy to hit the motor
Machine all use 12.9 strength YFS screws
support Mainstream FPV camera and Mini Series FPV camera, and other lenses

Additional information


Brand name: AlfaRC
Item name: Fighter Frame Kit
Arm Plate Thickness: 230mm(4MM)/260mm(4MM)/290mm(5MM)
Bottom Plate Thickness: 2mm
Upper Plate Thickness: 2mm
Side plate thickness: 2mm
Height of aluminum column:30mm
Camera angle range: 0-70°
Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
Weight: 102g


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