D12000i Charging Extension Cord




D12000i Charging Extension Cord

What does it do? 

The Charging Extension Cord, does exactly what it sounds like – it’s a cord extension for the DJI D12000i generator.  Additionally, this cord incorporates a smaller 12-volt pigtail, that will power the T40’s battery charging/cooling tray.  So, if you’re using the 110-220v grid-charger OR a non-DJI generator, you’ll need this cord in order to power-up the cooling tray.


  • Agras T40 when used with the DJI D12000i generator
  • Agras T40 when used with an *aftermarket generator
  • Agras T40 when used with the *DJI 110-200v grid charger

*Requires 12v power adapter


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